September 5, 2014

9/5/2014. Was rescued twice yesterday. Just out of Minong, Wisconsin, shortly after heading out from my tent spot, the sky opened up with rain, hail, and lightening! I had to walk in it quite a while before a young man named Kyle, stopped in his small Chevy. We had to take my cart apart, in a hail storm, to make it fit. Luckily he had removed the back seat of the car, or I doubt it would have all fit in. He suffered the hail and rain along with me until we got it in his car! He insisted on stopping at an RV store in Minong, where his mother-in-law worked, so she could meet me. Later in the afternoon, it became apparent that the rain would continue and there would be no chance of drying out my tent and sleeping bag from the night before. So, when Bill stopped because, “My girlfriend will kill me if I didn’t stop and give you $20 like she told me too,” he said. Though he was headed the other way, he drove me just up the road to Spooner, where I could get a room and dry my stuff out. Bill also insisted on giving me a fairly new raincoat!

In Spooner, I was visited by Jon and Laurel Lawrence. I was crossing a super market parking lot when Laurel pulled up beside me and said, “You’re Steve! My husband is going to freak out!” That is the first time someone I had never met, recognized me without “LOVE LIFE” over my head. Later, she and Jon visited with me for a few hours. Jon said he had been following me since I had started this walk. He said he was searching the net with a broken heart after recently losing their precious 22 month old little girl. They said they follow my updates daily and knew I was in their area. They expressed how excited they were to meet me. But let me tell you, they couldn’t possibly be any more excited about meeting me as I am to find out that I have been instrumental in helping to ease the pain of a beautiful young couple with five other children, who have recently faced the horror of horrors, the loss of their baby girl. Let us all try and make every effort to keep our eyes off the daily grind, and rise over it with a LOVE LIFE attitude, that we might be there for those in pain. Please join me and let’s, “Mend the broken heart while it is yet beating.”

During their visit with me, Jon & Laurel informed me that a young woman had been struck by lightning during the morning storm. Thank God she survived.

I will be heading south on US 63 to WI 48 at Cumberland and then take WI 25 south all the way to Nelson, WI, where I will cross the Mississippi back into MN at Wabasha. to get on US 61 to La Crescent, MN/La Crosse, WI. Where my brand new Hilleberg Tent and -40 degree sleeping bag will be waiting for me. LOVE LIFE, it will pave happy positive trails for you as you travel down your Life’s path. I swear it will!!!!.