September 3, 2014

9/3/2014. I’m on U.S. Route 53 and headed south from Duluth to La Crosse, Wisconsin. I’m now in Wisconsin so I’ve done 31 states and have 17 more to go: Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

Loads of people are stopping to chat because ABC TV Channel 10 News in Duluth aired my story yesterday just after I was interviewed on a radio program, Sound Off, hosted by my new friend Brad Bennett. Sound Off has a lot of veterans listening and so Brad wanted me to share with his audience, our LOVE LIFE attitude. It went very well. Later, Brad drove me over the bridge to the Wisconsin side. Pedestrians are not allowed on the bridge. His friend Mike Hanson who had dinner with us Monday night, followed on his Harley so he could see me off.

Though it’s getting close to colder temps, I made a decision to go south 255 miles before heading due east again. My friend in La Crosse has Parkinson’s and I want to see him. Because of this decision, I will be taking the ferry at Manitowoc, Wisconsin, to Ludington, Michigan.

NOTE: To you that insist on commenting on my updates with preaching and proselytizing, regardless of being asked not to do so. I have MANY others on here just as serious about their beliefs as you are yours, but, out of respect for me and the others coming to my public Fb site, they do not push their beliefs in their comments on my updates. From now on, instead of repeatedly deleting comments, I’m going to block you from my Fb page.

Don’t preach it, practice it. Others prefer seeing it actually work instead of hearing how it should work. Love before you look. Love before you talk. LOVE LIFE, thank you all for your Love and your respect.