September 1, 2014

9/1/2014, from a motel room in Duluth Minnesota. I’ve walked over 37,000 miles crossing this wonderful country seven times over a period of 15 years, all alone, and with very little money. Actually, most times, there was no money. My needs have always been met and I’ve never asked for anything other than water and to charge my phone and laptop. I’ve experienced very little rudeness and never really been harmed. My most violent experience was being shoved to the ground in Idaho in 2009, and that could have been avoided had I practiced a common rule, avoid a drunk. I feel that I get back exactly what I put out, Love and respect.

There are two major reasons I feel I have encountered mostly good people.
One: somewhere along the way, I became aware of my own numerous faults, finding out I was not the wonderful person I thought I was, and that I needed to do some changing from within. This made me much less critical of others, realizing I had no right to throw a first stone. At anyone.

Two: In my mind, I saw a divided world of manmade creeds, parties, religions, and doctrines that create the numerous herds of sheep we unconsciously surrender our unique individualities to. I believe the associated dividing labels can, and most times do, cause an anger and self-righteous attitude toward one another. So, I attach no dividing group label to myself, thereby eliminating much of the threat of judging and being judged because of an idea formed by someone else somewhere in time. I want nothing dividing me from my precious fellow human being, possibly stopping the flow of Love between us. I will remain an individual with individual thought quite capable of having my own ideas. I Love my Life. Love YOUR Life and follow your own ideas, and help me keep THE LOVE flowing between all of us. I mean, hell, it’s pretty obvious we need to try something different to change the world from its current direction. Love will do it.