August 30, 2014

I’ve been asked to repeat this:

Please, please be happy! So many times, from a fellow precious human being who is stumbling temporarily on their Life’s path, I hear, “I just feel all alone in the world.” Guess what pal? YOU are all alone in this world. And actually, that’s a good thing. Even with the greatest family and the best friends, you are still alone in this world. You are alone because you are one in seven billion. There is no one else in the world exactly like you and therefore no one else knows your exact problem the way you do. And no one else can specifically know what you need better than you do. You are supposed to be alone in working out your problems. Oh, others can make suggestions and give you some vital tips on how they were able to solve their own particular situation by themselves, but, those others cannot solve your particular situation for you. When we realize it is but our own uniqueness which separates us from others and causes us to think we are all alone in this big magnificent world, Life then becomes a whole lot easier. Life becomes easier because we have then located and found our own place of rest, the beauty of Life, exactly where it always has been, inside us.

Someone once used the word ‘wise’ toward a comment of mine. I do not believe anyone is wise within themselves, I believe wisdom to be but universal truths outside us and available for all to yield to as we let go our own stubborn views, our own self-righteousness. In retrospect, I realized I never had the word ‘wise’ used in my direction until I ceased following and conforming to the parties, creeds, and doctrines of others. We find great things outside us as we find what lies inside us, our individuality is then subject to wisdom. There is no wisdom in following others, for wisdom is not needed, one but simply follows what others think and say.
Our individuality is sacred. We mustn’t let the opinions, views, and ideas of others weaken our sovereign individuality. Go much deeper than manmade groups and their labels to find the wonderfulness and beauty of YOU. LOVE your LIFE.