August 26,2014

Why do we dissect Love? Why do we break it into different parts? Why do we say to others, things like, “seek peace,” “coexist,” “conform,” “don’t be afraid of change,” “accept others just as they are?” Those are all properties of Love. Why don’t we instead, just Love? If we Love, we automatically do those things. When we truly have love and a gentle respect for our fellow human being, we need not tell them anything they should do, for they will feel and see Love in us and want the same. And the only true way to transmit Love is to be filled with so much Love, that others seeking Love, and not their own self-righteousness in telling others how to live their Life, will feel it immediately. I just want to Love my fellow human being, not tell them what to do. I have to make certain Love is prevalent enough in me that I automatically obey and display the properties of Love. I believe, the world is in chaos because we have so very many wanting others to change without first changing themselves. I cannot properly teach electricity unless I am an electrician. It is a complete impossibility for me to change anyone but myself. I only want to Love you, I only want for you to find the Love I’ve found. The Love will change you, that is, if you need to be changed. My goal in Life is to have a heart governed mind and to always, Love before I look.