August 24, 2014

In the Foley, Minnesota, Subway, the first bite of my tuna sandwich had extra salt. From my tears. As I reached for my wallet to pay, the sweet teenage girl serving me, said, “The gentleman before you paid for you sir. I was going to give you my employee meal.” The gentleman was gone, I never even saw him, and the little princess had never seen him before.

A couple days ago, first thing in the morning, a handsome gentleman wearing a tailor-made suit, stopped his very expensive SUV and said, ” THAT, sir, is the most important sign in the world. I thank you!” And reached in his billfold and pulled out a crisp one hundred dollar bill.

Just how in the hell can I not cry at such beautiful acts of kindness! Just how the hell can I not shout out loud and clear to the universe, “YES, YES, YES, I LOVE LIFE!!! I have to shout it loud enough for my children to hear. Just how in the hell can any of us not LOVE LIFE with all this beauty going on. Think I’ll dance all the way to the next town, being filled with all this energy given me by others through the power of Love.