August 22, 2014


Rained all night Wednesday and everything got wet cause of being too lazy to get up and secure everything. So, not the best scenario to wake up to. Soon as I hit the road, a precious lady gets out of her car and while sobbing wraps her arms around my neck and firmly plants her lips on my cheek! “I love you for what you’re doing!” she said. A second lady, Amy, runs from her car, gives me money and a huge hug. They then took pictures of each other with me. The first lady plants another kiss on my cheek before they leave.

A little later, a lady stops and while crying, gives me a long emotion filled hug and tells me she lost someone very precious to her, to suicide, Rick, her brother-in-law, and best friend. Later, a lady stopped, she too was crying, and said she was Rick’s mom. She gave me some money as well. She said her friend needed to talk to me and so she called her. Her friend had lost her son, Jonathan, to suicide. We talked for a while via phone. This morning, a very pretty young lady stopped and told me she had seen me online and my story had inspired her to think differently about her life. Later this morning, Janice Pierce stopped and while sobbing, wrapped her precious little arms around my neck and told me of losing her handsome 20 year-old son, Joe Pierce, to suicide July 9, 2013. She gave me his picture to carry with me, and some money. We talked a very long time.

While Janice and I were talking, a man came up and asked me if Jesus Christ was my personal savior. I told him I believed in the teachings of Jesus the Christ. That appeased him and he left. I then continued giving my full attention to the broken hearted sweetheart in front of me grieving for her beautiful baby boy! On the way to eat tonight in St. Cloud, MN, a man dressed in a robe, an Ethiopian, I believe, came up to me and said, “One God, there is only one God!” I said, “Okay.” He continued, “Allah is the one God. Jesus was prophet, but just a man. Mohammed was the only real prophet of Allah and Mohammed was the last prophet!” And I said, “Okay.”

I do not want the words from what you’ve read and been told, I want to feel the Love created within your heart from what you’ve learned. LOVE LIFE, open your heart to others, and leave the bullshit at home.