August 17, 2014

8/17/14. Yesterday, a young lady stopped and said I had met her friend in a bar & grill in Dawson who shared my story with her. She handed me a bag with water, chips, and a Subway sandwich. I thanked her and she drove away. When reaching into the bag, I saw two twenty dollar bills! A little later, another lady from Dawson stopped to talk. She said she loved Life very, very much. She said just a few years back while she was being operated on, having a golf ball sized tumor removed from her brain, the tumor burst and she lost 80% of her blood. She then had to be coma induced and stayed in it for three weeks! It took six months of therapy for her to walk again. While we were talking a lady walked up to us and said, “I just told my mom, there’s that guy that walks for his children. I’ve got to meet him!” While she was telling me how strong she thought I was, I said, “Strong, this lady here is strong, she has survived brain surgery!” She immediately walked over and embraced her with a serious hug! They were complete strangers. I loved it!

I LOVE LIFE for all the beautiful people in it. The people have become more and more beautiful since I started seeing that, most of the time, when I see a fault in another, THAT, is a fault in me which needs to be recognized as such, instead of complaining about someone I have no power to change. I must change the only person I have the power to change, me. I must change me to make sure I’m looking for the good in them and not a fault. Remember, if they’re not a known serial killer, they are probably not really a bad person at all. 🙂