August 16, 2014

I’m in a motel in Willmar, Minnesota, provided for me by my dear friends, Thai and Diamond Dang. Thai and Diamond were part of the huge exodus of Vietnamese who fled Viet Nam after the collapse of South Viet Nam. They are called Boat People. Approximately one third of them did not make it to safety. There are now 1.6 million Boat People spread out over the world. These precious individuals have experienced horrors most of us Americans cannot even imagine. Thai & Diamond use the fruits of their success in America to help former American POW’S and disabled veterans of the Viet Nam War. They saw me on a Fresno, California, Fox News story, and decided they wanted to help someone spreading such a message of Love. They have paid for several motel rooms for me since driving many miles to meet me in Fresno County and then again at South Lake Tahoe. They also gave me a brand new Jayco 25 foot Jayflight Travel Trailer to live in back in Florida, when they found out I live in a Ford van. I still cry when I think about it.

Including the Appalachian Trail, I’ve walked for 15 years. Including time I take off (I seek solitude in this time too,) and times encountering precious fellow human beings, I’ve probably experienced ten years of solitude. What I’ve been blessed with most in my solitude, is the realization of the power of pure Love, and why its intense power is not experienced by all. Like anything pure, it does not retain its value when it is weakened by foreign substances. Just as copper and silver lessen gold’s purity and its power on the market, impurities such as anger, blame, hatred and judgment, dilute the power of Love. PLEASE concentrate on ridding yourself of ALL anger, blame, hatred, and judgment, and experience the power of pure Love. AND, you get to stop being immature too! And ONLY then can one really LOVE LIFE.