August 15, 2014

In a truck stop in Clara City, MN. When I leave here I’ll be taking MN route 23 to MN route 95 which I’ll take to Cambridge, MN. At Cambridge, friends of my friends Thai & Diamond Dang, will pick me up and take me into Minneapolis to speak to a couple different groups. From Cambridge, I will continue on to Duluth, MN where I’ll speak on a radio talk show. My topic… LOVE LIFE!!!!

Several people stopped yesterday giving me water and sodas. As I was pitching my tent just off the highway, a young lady pulled over and motioned for me to come over to her car. Maria, had passed me earlier and she said, “I said to myself, I bet that man would love to have a hot meal.” She had driven to a restaurant and bought me, I swear, the best open face turkey sandwich with mashed potatoes and gravy I ever had!

Never blame anyone other than yourself for your situation in life. The anger of blaming others clouds up our heart and our mind, keeping us from thinking clear enough to improve our situation.