August 13, 2014


Montevideo, Minnesota, only minutes after checking into the Viking Motel the manager knocked on my door and said, “I just checked you out online and I cannot accept this money,” and handed me back the cash I had paid her. Her husband came up to me with paper and pen and said, “Please write down some way we may help you in your endeavors.” I wrote, “LOVE LIFE.” And we talked a very long time. Two hours later, he showed up at my door with a new tent, a new sleeping bag, and various other items he thought I might use, all from Wal-Mart… bless his heart!! I, as graciously as possible, turned down all except toiletry items and handkerchiefs. Just the proper tent and sleeping bag alone, to fit my requirements, is about $1000.00. Again, bless his heart! Ask me again why I LOVE LIFE!

How many times have I said this, “The irony is, those who take their own lives are nearly always the most sensitive among us, the very ones our society so sorely needs.” Well, the first chance I’ve had to see the media’s account of that precious soul gone on, Robin Williams. All I’ve seen, accounts of kindness and genuine concern for his fellow human being. Many are upset over his loss, as they should be. You are now aware that it doesn’t matter what you achieve, how well off you’ve become, and certainly not what appears on the surface. My favorite part he played was the scum bag car dealer in Cadillac Man, of course, he talked a man out of suicide in that film.

NOW, do something about it! Let’s change the world for the precious individuals like Robin Williams, and create a better world for them, by loving our gift of LIFE with all our might! To LOVE LIFE no matter what is facing us, we have to defeat all negatives coming against us. We must realize, when we are accepting negatives as a way of life, we are most likely, sending out negatives. When we rid ourselves of blame, judgment, anger and hatred toward others, ALL OTHERS, we are knocking down walls and cutting loose anchors. The void created in us by the absence of evil negatives WILL be filled with love. When we change ourselves, we really are changing the world!!!! And, of course, it is impossible to change anyone but ourselves. I cannot understand why anyone would not accept my LOVE LIFE philosophy?? I know a person who refuses what I say about a LOVE LIFE attitude, but once licked some exotic frog’s ass in order to get high?? Go figure?? Remember what I’ve gone through. If I can LOVE LIFE just about anyone can. PLEASE do not let the precious Robin Williams’s of our world die in vain. Thank you for listening and LOVE LIFE.