August 6, 2014


From a motel room in Watertown, SD. The largest town I’ve seen in a long time! This suckers even gotta’ a Walmart! Hey, I have now walked 7,000 miles on this trip and 37,000 miles total since I started walking. Damn, I need to sit down! On the way into town this morning I stopped at the Tesoro Truck Stop & Café. Went into the café and within minutes had the sweet young lady serving me, laughing out loud! Gonna’ be a good morning. The sweet young lady came to me as I was finishing my breakfast and said, “The owner said he talked to you before, he said, you don’t pay here.” Fourteen years of this, and yet, the tears still broke loose. I can’t help it. I had talked to no one since I left my tent two hours earlier, so I have no idea who he was. I just know I LOVE LIFE!

LOVE LIFE is a way of Life, not an expression occasionally used to express joy for the moment. To LOVE LIFE is to adapt an attitude that one’s Life is a gift and to be appreciated to the point that our conscious bothers us when we even slightly stop seeing it as such. THEN, we are powerful. Powerful because we have established Love in our life. Love defeats all fear. When the fear is gone then Love may flow freely. Remember, Love is a constant and it does not waver. If your Love is restricted to only those near and close to you, to those only following the same path as you, or to those only who believe as you, then you have not yet found the Love I speak of.