August 5, 2014

 I’m gonna tell you how cool people in this part of South Dakota really are! Yesterday, a Codington County Deputy Sheriff stopped to offer me a ride and just check on me. After thankfully turning down the ride offer, he told me about a really good restaurant about 11 miles up the road in Henry, that was really good. So I pushed myself really hard to try and make it before dark. I made it by 8:00 pm but the recommended place was closed on Monday’s (I hate that shit!) Two ladies were coming out of a bar next to the closed eatery and I asked did the bar serve food. They said no, but said there was a place down the street that did. I hustled to it. Well, the place is what ALL Bar & Grills should be!!!! As I walked up to the Double Barrel Steak House, I saw a swarm of people on the front deck, all laughing and loving life. A chorus of voices asked where I was walking to, how far, from where, etc. I started answering all questions and handing out cards. I asked if I could pitch my tent near the establishment after I had eaten there. Well, two of the owners were there and they each gave me a twenty, and so did some others also hand me some money ($130.) Red Wookey, one of the owners said, “Heck man, you can stay in the lodge and have a bed and a hot shower if you want! Guess what I said. I went inside and was served by Red and Kathy Wookey’s lovely daughter, Bridgett. I had an awesome rib eye steak, one of the best ever!! Corney Waldner, an owner, came in while I was eating, paid for my meal and gave me another $20. After eating and answering some of the best questions ever, nearly everyone there helped load my cart on Red’s truck and escorted me a couple blocks over to the hunting lodge, Pepper Slough Lodge. As luck would have it, it was not scheduled to be used again until the next day. I had the whole lodge to myself!! How cool is that!! Ya don’t need money when ya got cool friends! Red and Nancy, and Rob Fuller (an employee who says he has the best boss in the world!) and Dean Paulson, showed me where everything was in the lodge. This morning after a fantastic night of having a whole rustic hunting lodge to myself, Rob Fuller and Dean Paulson came and got me and took me to Dean’s house where Dean and Rob’s wife Cheri, served up fresh from the farm eggs with thick and delicious slab bacon and pancakes!! Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! Later today, a part owner with Red in the Pepper Slough Lodge, and hunting guide, Marty Maciel, stopped and said, “Hey what did you think about our lodge!? Red called me last night and said he was giving a free night in the lodge to a guy that was cool as shit! So, I just had to stop and meet you. Glad you liked it and please stay safe out there.”” I loved it! If y’all ever get to Henry, SD, for God’s sake, check out the Double Barrel Steak House and the Pepper Slough Lodge! Tell ‘em the LOVE LIFE guy sent ya!