August 1, 2014

8/1/14. To ALL that have reached out to help me during this walk with your incredible kindness and caring, PLEASE be patient with me. I know that I do not acknowledge you in the way I should by keeping in touch with you. PLEASE understand, I walk from 10 to 14 hours a day, and most often, 7 days a week. I only do from 2 to 2.5 miles an hour so it is imperative I walk a lot of hours. Some of the reasons for this are, I have stretches of no services for many miles and I have to make sure my food & water supply meets the time span I stocked up for. And, I must stay ahead of the seasons in areas known for extreme heat or extreme cold. When I stop for the night, I have to check out and repair all my equipment. Check my messages if possible. I very often have no connections or no battery. Often, there is a message from someone who is crying out for help, needless to say, they are ALWAYS addressed first and foremost. I must do all of this before my 68 year-old body calls it quits for the day and just shuts down. I cannot text or even talk on the phone while I am walking on a busy highway, many times without even a shoulder to walk on. It is just too dangerous. Also, I am pulling a cart in excess of 100 pounds, up and down hills and I have to keep all my senses on full alert, watching and listening for cars, both in front and in back of me. I’ve become expert at it, the reason I’ve had such success in 37,000 miles and 7 crossings of our beautiful land filled with beautiful people. This is not a complaint, I am totally dedicated to what I do and I love it. I simply want all my friends to know why I cannot always respond to their questions and acknowledge them as I could if I was stationary in a home with all the luxuries at my fingertips. Please understand why I do not always get back to you as I should and be patient with me, I REALLY need your support! Please click the “like” and leave me your precious encouraging comments when you have the time. I really love my friends!!!! I really appreciate my friends!!!!