July 30, 2014


In 2009 I was camped in a small trailer park in a small town in Oregon. I was sitting under a tree to eliminate glare on my laptop screen. From a travel trailer about 200 feet away, came very loud yelling and then a young man no more than 11years-old erupted out the door with his mother right behind him. The little guy, extremely upset and crying, was yelling, “Why is he living with us anyway! That’s our money mom. That money is for me you and sissy. He’s awful, he don’t even work and you buy all his beer with our money, I hate him!” And mom yelled back, “I have a life too, I need to be happy too!” With head down he started walking past me. I started a conversation with him, telling him about my walking. He became interested and we talked some. He never mentioned his encounter with his mom though and soon walked away. Again, with his precious little head hung down filled with things an 11 year old shouldn’t have to be dealing with. My heart was breaking for him. Hey dad’s and mom’s, your child is an extension of you! You do have a life for sure, and you do have the right to be happy. But guess what, so does your child. And you have to make sure this wonderful and precious other part of you has happiness in their life too. If you want to find out just how much a part of you they really are… lose one! And because they are a part of you, making them happy will make you happy. How I wished I could have told the mother to throw the bum out and go get her little guy and wrap her arms around him and LOVE him!! Love your children with all your heart and with all your actions!! Our children are our path to the beauty of life. Oh how I miss my two, my Stevie and my Shelly. How I love them!