July 28, 2014

7/28/14. NOTE: Thank you to all the sweet and caring people who sent cards and letters to me at my last “mail drop” in Dupree, SD. Thank you most of all for the wonderful words of encouragement!! Thank you also for the $130 in cash from individuals and a $100 debit card! Thank you for the very expensive Columbia hiking shirt. And of course, to one of the finest companies in the whole United States, THANK YOU Danner Boots for my brand new pair of boots!! And THANK YOU to my special little group of elves in Vero Beach, Florida, The LOVE LIFE Support Group for orchestrating it all and making sure I have enough business cards!

Every time I post a positive and uplifting suggestion to my Fb friends, I receive messages and comments,( which I delete immediately), that there are people in the world who are unable to LOVE LIFE because of mental disorders and chemical imbalances. Some claim to be mental health professionals (a claim I doubt.) I am actually a lot smarter than I look, I already knew this fact. I know there are precious individuals who fight depression because they have these a fore mentioned disorders. I also know that there are MANY of them on my Fb who follow and enjoy my positive LOVE LIFE updates. I acknowledge their disorder, I acknowledge that they do not want it, and that they make every effort to overcome it through therapy and meds. I am not going to put a disclaimer on my positive updates: “YOU that are afflicted with a mental disorder or chemical imbalance, do not attempt at having joy in your life via a LOVE LIFE attitude because it is useless for you to do so.” I refuse to treat these fellow human beings like freaks! When they come to my Fb page, these precious, sensitive individuals will be treated like everyone else! They do not want to be treated differently. The more I can convince those that do not have these terrible afflictions, to LOVE LIFE, the more a joyful, loving, caring, and understanding environment is created for those suffering these illnesses. They need us LOVE LIFER’S around them. I occasionally hiked with a young man on the Appalachian Trail, diagnosed as bipolar who gave himself the trail name, “Bipolar.” He was a joy to be with and funny as hell. LOVE LIFE.