July 26, 2014

I want a heart governed mind. I want my mind controlled by my heart, my higher self, that place within me, as is within us all, made up of unconditional love, unfettered by anger, hatred, judgment, and blame. The only way to rise above the chaos of our manmade society that accepts anger, hatred, judgment, and blame as normal, and the herd mentality which spreads it. Where there is anger, hatred, judgment, and blame, there is only the evil of self-righteousness, which eliminates love and respect for our fellow human being.

I LOVE LIFE! And I’m getting better and better at loving it and living it since I discovered my own beautifully unique individuality, which we all have, and pulled my head out of modern society’s ass and said, “NO!” to the robotic following of its herd mentality which divides us from each other with anger, blaming, judging, and hatred. I want nothing to do with anything void of LOVE!

Leaving Gettysburg, SD today and continuing my walk east on U.S. 212 with my sights on Minnesota, about 166 miles away.