June 28, 2014

6/28/14. Yes Life is good! Even when it looks like it’s getting worse. The climbs ended after about four miles but a guy stopped and warned me there had been a washout on a railroad track a half mile in front of me and they were having four big earth movers bringing in dirt from about five miles up the road. He said they were flying in order to get the job done before nightfall. It was pretty scary, I had to go into the ditch when they passed each other. All but one was very careful of me and would even stop to let me get out of the way. One driver stopped and gave me a can of tomato juice, a great sandwich made from an omelet, and a twenty dollar bill! He said to me, “I spent a lot a time on the road back in the day. People were always kind to me. Just payin’ back. You be safe sir.” And, my phone lied, it was not 25 miles of gravel road, it was about 18 miles instead. A young man, Chris, stopped in his ’89 Toyota truck he started with a pair of needle nosed pliers and hauled me around Miles City to find a motel. I wished I had got a picture of him, he had a beautiful smile and was just full of life.

I was able to get a room because, a few days ago, a couple from Minnesota stopped and gave me fifty dollars! They had a promoting business called, Big Buffalo Entertainment. He, Richard Guptill, said to me from the driver’s seat, “I lost a leg and she is an eight year cancer survivor. We LOVE LIFE. Thank you sir for what you’re doing.” And I forgot to tell this one. About halfway between Ingomar and Vananda, Montana, I had my tent pitched and was in for the night when a pickup pulled up with its lights right on me. I peeked my head out out and said to the cowboy, “Am I on your property sir?” He said, “Yup, and my wife, Anna, will be real disappointed if you don’t come up to the house and let her feed you.” I thanked Russell Coquillette, very much, but explained that I was in for the night. He said, “Alright, I’ll be back then with a plate of food.” He brought me a great home cooked chicken dinner, a couple sandwiches for the next day and a cold beer. I love Montana, I LOVE LIFE!