June 18, 2014

6/18/14. THANK YOU ALL for the most Birthday greetings I’ve ever received in my 68 years!!!!! I gotta’ tell you, your spectacular response to my birthday and Father’s Day, absolutely lifted my spirits after three days of rain in a very remote area with no phone or internet service. I’m now in a room in Roundup, Montana. For the first time since Sunday, it did not start pouring rain at 8:00 pm, just as I was pitching my tent, and not stop until 9:00 am. Monday morning, while it was still pouring rain, Ed Kemmick, Owner-editor of LastBestNews.com, an online newspaper, jumped out of his car and started taking pictures of me and yelled out, “Hey, can I interview you? You can sit in my car outa’ the rain.” Well of course I said yes. Just as we ended the interview it started raining even harder. Ed started apologizing for having to put me back out in the rain. He explained that he was going in the opposite direction and he had an appointment to interview a lady converting a silo into a house. I tried to make him feel better by explaining that I had done this many times before and that I would be just fine. Monday afternoon, Terry, the owner of Cozy Corner Café in Lavina let me spread out all my gear to dry on his lot while I stuffed myself on a great cheeseburger. I’m taking tomorrow off so I’ll probably post again tomorrow evening. The more I concentrate on having a LOVE LIFE attitude, the more I am learning to love my fellow human being.