June 14, 2014

6/14/14. Thank y’all kindly for all the early birthday wishes today. But, my birthday is not today, it is Tuesday the 17th. I will be 68 years-old, my second birthday on this walk. I am loving life in a motel room purchased for me as a Father’s Day gift from my dear friends, Thai and Diamond Dang. It is actually pretty chilly and very windy today here in Harlowton, Montana. So, it is a great gift for this Florida boy to be inside today. A VERY Happy LOVE LIFE Father’s Day to all the wonderful loving father’s on my Facebook. The retelling of this story is dedicated to all you daddy’s out there:

One morning in 2001 during my first walk across America, just outside a little community not too far east of Kansas City, Missouri, a gentleman yelled for me to cross the road where he had his tailgate down with a spread of Hardees breakfast sandwiches, biscuits & gravy, two large coffees, lots of those little cups of cream, both sugar and sweetener packets, orange juice, a banana and an apple. He said, “My daughter called me this morning, said she saw you walking in the rain on her way to work and said, “Daddy, that’s somebody’s daddy, will you go feed him and make sure he’s okay, I would want someone to help my daddy.” He went on to say, “That’s my little girl, we raised her to be that way. I gotta back ‘er up. Didn’t know which breakfast sandwich you’d prefer, so I got ‘em all. I gotta big bag of snacks for the road for you too.” Yes, I am somebody’s daddy!