June 13, 2014

6/13/14. In a motel at Harlowton, Montana and it is storming outside. I just made it into town in time. I’ve phone service for the first time in 55 miles, since Tuesday. Tuesday, a young man, Chuck Dilley, pulled up across from me and jumped out his truck super excited! He said, “Man, you were in Plumas National Forest on route 70 down in California a few months ago, right?” “Yup, that was me.” I said. He went on to tell me he just got transferred back to this area of Montana, where he is from. Then he started getting all choked up and the tears started streaming down his cheeks as he said, “Man, I was going through a very rough time when I first saw you with that sign. It really helped man, it really did help me pull through.” I reached for his hand, and said, “It’s okay man, go ahead and cry, that’s what I’m out here for.” Chuck said, “It is so great I saw you again, reassurance. Thank you for what you do.” He asked was there anything he could do for me and I explained to him that having stopped and telling me what happened back in California was the best thing he could ever do for me! LOVE LIFE and Love, Love, Love our fellow human being.