June 10, 2014

6/10/14. Leaving this morning from a great rest at the Tenderfoot Motel & Cabins in White Sulfur Springs, Montana.Thank you Dean Anderson! Their newspaper interviewed me and I met a lot of wonderful people.I will continue heading east on U.S.12 across Montana and into North Dakota where I will take U.S. 85 south into South Dakota and U.S 212 which I will take west for 15 miles into Wyoming and then backtrack into South Dakota and continue across the state on 212.

There is just so very much to love about life that far exceeds our particular circumstances. That is, when we get our eyes off ourselves and onto others. When we make the very difficult effort to switch gears and transfer our thoughts from our selfish little selves to the wellbeing of others, we are actually inadvertently taking care of our own problems and having the added joy of helping another. It takes a lot of practice shooing away negativity to get to this wonderful position in our life. Someone once said it oh so simply, “If you want to be happy in this life forget about yourself.” We are helping others when we train ourselves to LOVE LIFE no matter what befalls us. A LOVE LIFE attitude is extremely contagious. Now quit bitchin’ and complainin’ and lets concentrate on loving our precious gift of life just as it is, and I promise you, your life absolutely will begin to change for the better.