June 4, 2014

PLEASE excuse me if I’ve not responded to your comments or questions on Fb or answered voice mail and text messages. I am in the very beautiful state of Montanawhere the population is sparse and good connections are scarce. Walking through North and South Dakota will be pretty much the same way. Please be patient with me.

I need a favor please. I need an address that my Love Life Support Group in Vero Beach, Florida can send me some much needed items such as more business cards. If you know of someone living in or very near the towns I’ll list, please ask their permission and then let me have the address and their phone number as soon as possible. This is much easier and much more reliable than using a post office location. Towns I will pass through in Montana: Jordan, Cohagen, Miles City, Plevna, and Baker. In North Dakota: Marmarth, Rhame, and Bowman. In South Dakota: Ludlow, Buffalo, Belle Fouche, Fruitdale, Newell, Mud Butte, and Faith.

Oh, the reason I repeat over and over again to LOVE LIFE and tell of reasons to LOVE LIFE, is because, I love you. Because, I want you to be able to deal with all circumstances presented to you in your life and to recover from them and retain the joy toward our precious gift of life we are meant to have. Because, I know that many of you have had severe tragedy in your life and I want you to be able to maintain control and convert the energy of your pain into a tool of strength and power for both yourself and others. And guess what? Yup, I am going to keep on repeating over and over and over, LOVE LIFE!!!! And I repeat, I LOVE YOU!