May 25, 2014

I love the word Love! What a magnificent word Love is, it is such a strong word. Love, Love, Love, a pure and beautiful word describing the most beautiful and powerful emotion we are capable of. We seem to have limitations on this beautiful and powerful word though. Just a couple days ago, as a car pulled alongside me, the passenger, a very beautiful young lady, very softly and most sincerely, said, “I love you.” I said, “Thank you, I love you too.” Just flat out made my day! I love the word Love in its raw form, L-O-V-E. Raw and pure. We sometimes replace it with the word compassion. A nice word I guess, but not nearly so strong sounding. When that toddler is at your knee and does the sweetest thing, you do not say, “Oh, I have such compassion for you!” Or, when you and that special one look at each other in that special way, you do not say, “God, I have compassion for you!” Just saying, I Love you!