May 24, 2014

In 2009, early in the morning near Yuma, Arizona, just a few miles into California, an old beat up pickup truck pulled up beside me. The driver was maybe forty,skinny, and the face under the dust filled cowboy hat was like leather and well-worn, like the hat. He was staring at me hard and demanded, “Now you tell me what the hell there is about life to love?” I said, “Breathing.” And he answered with, “Hell, it seems the more I breathe, the more miserable life gets.” So I said, “Maybe you need a respirator.” He chuckled with me. I continued, “Loving life is just something we as individuals determine to do; we simply make our mind up to love life and use the energy we’ve spent blaming it and put it toward loving it. Life is never our enemy; our attitude toward life is our enemy or our friend.” He said a couple more negative things, life sucks, too many assholes, and so on. I cut him off and told him why I carry the sign. He said, “Damn, man! Damn! A feller shouldn’t oughta’ have to bury his children… damn!” He never offered any more complaints; we just stayed silent for a moment and then he spoke again, “Damn, I’m really sorry you lost your kids, man, you take it easy and be careful out there buddy.” I said thank you sir and he drove off, still shaking his head at what he had just heard.

Amazing what perspective can do; it’s a tool that works well for me. I wish to God I didn’t have it, but I do. It’s a two-part deal for me; my heart aches every time I relate the loss of my babies, and is then relieved by the hope that possibly another broken heart is mended before it stops beating. I try to Love Life and allow perspective to create a balanced path to walk with great appreciation for the Life I’ve been given. Appreciate the Life you’ve been given, look for the positive in all circumstances confronted in your Life, and let the experience teach you love, caring, and understanding for all our fellow human beings sharing this precious gift of Life with us. LOVE LIFE, the rest of us need the love your attitude will generate.