May 23, 2014

The remarkable brother and sister team, 24 year-old Anthony, and 22 year-old Eileen Bui, from Santa Ana, California, who along with a team member who hasn’t met up with them yet, call themselves, Healthnuts & Handlebars. They grew up very poor in an impoverished area and told me that their involvement in sports, track, water polo, and tennis, is what kept them motivated to excel in life no matter their environment. Neither had ridden a bike more than 50 miles, yet they decided to give back to their community by riding 4,000 miles across America to support the Kevin Armstrong MD Memorial Sports Foundation. Both Anthony and Eileen, are starting Med school this year! Talk about two wonderful young people paying it forward! It is an honor to have met them. Please like their page, Healthnuts & Handlebars.