May 23, 2014

5/23/14. In a room in Lolo, Montana getting ready to head out for Missoula, about 10 miles east. U.S. route 12 runs into I-90 at Missoula, so I’ll have to get on MT route 200 for 38 miles to MT 141 for 31 miles back to route 12 which I will continue on through Helena, MT and on across the state. I will also pass through Townsend, White Sulfur Springs, Roundup, Miles City, and Baker.

Monday, my friend, Smokejumper, Shane Ralston dropped me back off on U.S. route 12 in Idaho on his way to Missoula. Wednesday, after entering Montana, I stopped at Lolo Hot Springs Resort for lunch. Waitress, Sheri Bennet, bought me one of their hats, talk about cool looking. The McCaw Smokejumpers gave me a really cool hat too. Late Wednesday afternoon, just as I was getting hungry, my friend, Shane Ralston, stopped on his way back home to Grangeville, Idaho, with a still hot pizza and a still cold IPA beer! Thank you Shane and all the Idaho Smokejumpers for getting me to and from Boise for the Annual Wildland Firefighter Foundation memorial tribute to their fallen heroes. There have been many who lost their precious lives fighting fires and protecting the rest of us. I was truly humbled at how many names were in the memorial garden. We released balloons with the names of the fallen, and butterfly’s which were shipped in from Florida, yea! So funny, it was cold and the butterfly’s did not want to leave our warm hands and fly. I said, “Hey, they’re Floridians, I know how they feel.” We were told they would fly as it warmed up. I covered the one I released to honor Smokejumper Luke Sheehy, with a leaf.

Please LOVE LIFE my friends. There is just so much beauty and joy to be found when we look for it.