May 19, 2014

Smokejumpers Shane Ralston and Sarah Doehring were the first of a relay team to get me from Grangeville, Idaho to Boise. Shane has not been able to jump since an accident while jumping into a fire scene. His neck was broken, bones in his face were broken, and two nerves controlling the muscles in his arms were severed. He’s had several operations and they are working on restoring use to his left arm. The work these brave, caring men and women do is extremely dangerous! Meeting Sarah, Shane and the other courageous smokejumpers and “hotshots” was an absolute honor for me.

Smokejumper Kyle Esparza, the second part of the relay team, taking me from McCaw, Idaho on into Boise. Kyle was best friends with fellow smokejumper, Luke Sheehy, Remembering Smokejumper Luke Sheehy USFS, killed after jumping into a fire scene just last June. It is such a privilege to have been able to meet and spend time with such fine individuals as Kyle and the others. They really do put their lives on the line folks! They smile and say, “It’s fun.”

My dear friends, Doug and Lynne Sheehy, grieving parents ofRemembering Smokejumper Luke Sheehy USFS, killed June 10, only last year, after jumping into a firescene. It was by their invite that I was honored to attend the Wildland Firefighter Foundation‘s annual family day for the survivors of those courageous loved ones killed in the line of duty. THANK YOU Doug and Lynne!!!!