May 15, 2014

Yesterday, a man stopped his rented truck and stood beside it snapping pictures of me as I walked toward him. He said, “I’m Peter Hudson and I’m from Alaska. I’ve decided to drive all over the country taking pictures of animals instead of hunting them as I once did. I saw that “LOVE LIFE sign and I just had to find out what you’re about.” I told him and he said, “You’re the messenger for the rest of us to remind us what’s really important in life.” He asked if I took donations. After I said yes, he pulled a brand new one hundred dollar bill from his wallet and handed it to me. I said, “Sir, that’s a lot of money, I thank you.” Peter Hudson from Alaska said, “I believe in what you’re doing sir, I’m a recovering alcoholic and drug addict. Thank you for the reminder.”

Today, as I was walking into Kooskia, Idaho, to do some last minute shopping for the 100 miles of nothing I was facing as I headed for the Montana state line, John Swan walked up to me and asked why I was walking. We had a most interesting conversation on my favorite subject, LIFE. And though I had no plans of getting a motel room, I had one the night before and I had done only seven miles, John said, “See that motel down there just past that bar sign? Well, I’m going to drive down there and get you a room sir.” I just cannot turn down a shower and clean sheets!

Please, just please, be happy. Please love your life for the gift it truly is! Please, do not let the world get you down, please, do not let the world control you. You are in control of you and your so very valuable and oh so precious place in this world. Life is the most beautiful and precious gift you will ever receive. Please walk in the knowledge and understanding of just how special and beautiful you are. When you walk in this understanding, you will walk right straight into the beauty of life, I promise you! So, please, LOVE your LIFE! I ask you to do this on behalf of both me and my children! Please use my story for perspective. Please make the 36,000 miles I’ve walked with the words “LOVE LIFE” over my head, mean something! If I can LOVE LIFE, you can too.