May 12, 2014

Fall in Love with the act of breathing.

If you but push past the tears and the ache in your precious heart, there is a place of rest within you, a sanctuary which allows you to deal with your pain in your own special and unique way, a unique way hard-wired into your very being, there waiting for a great act of faith to be shouted out into the wide open ears of the universe, “I LOVE LIFE!!” You are then telling the world how much you do truly love and appreciate your gift of life and that you are then trusting that everything will be okay.

We must absolutely push against negative thoughts with the power we’ve been gifted with, our Life. Push hard this morning and just flat out kick the living crap outa’ anything negative attempting to be more powerful than the power of Love created by your sheer joy in thankfulness for yet another day of breathing. Love is the greatest power in the universe. Trust me on this my friends, you concentrate on appreciating and being thankful for your gift of Life first and foremost before anything else in your precious Life at this time and you will win the day. You do this every single day of your precious Life and you will win in Life. Do not let anything get in your way today, push back hard and LOVE LIFE.