May 11, 2014

Tina Marie Delph and her 17 year-old daughter, Danielle Pressnallmade a special trip from Potlatch, Idaho, to find me yesterday. Tina has been following me since 2009, when I walked through this area before and the Pullman, Washington newspaper did my story. She and I have communicated often over the years and she says that my LOVE LIFE message has had a profound effect on the way she now faces life. Her daughter, Danielle “Dani,” says that following my walks and the stories from my walks helped her to defeat depression in her young precious life. They brought me a Subway sandwich, some cold drinks, some much needed money, and many love filled hugs. It was so wonderful getting to meet my good friends in person. Facebook is just soo cool! And I LOVE LIFE so very much. Thank you Tina and Dani, for making the effort, for going out of your way, to let me know you appreciate what I do! Thank you for the much needed, and much appreciated, energy of love!