May 7th, 2014

For y’all that are always in disbelief of the beautiful random acts of kindness I encounter on nearly a daily basis, and keep insisting that there are not many good human beings left, I’m designing an exercise program for you. The time schedule for these exercises is actually the most important aspect of the program. As soon as a news program comes on, no matter the time, run out your door and begin the exercise. And the exercise is, walk. While walking, smile at every single person you encounter. If no persons are encountered, smile at a tree, a flower, the grass, or someone’s dog. Start conversations with neighbors (put a whole new twist on it by talking only about them). If there are no neighbors, start conversations with strangers. If there are no strangers, have a deep down conversation with yourself. But, by God, make sure you do something other than watching a negative news cast. If something really newsworthy happens, like an invasion from another country, an organized uprising from house pets (cat owners know this to be a real possibility and the insurrection will be led by a cat) or, The Empire REALLY Strikes Back. I assure you, you will find out about it. If nothing else, I promise you, if you start my No Negative News Exercise Program, I will personally alert you if something really bad happens. And I further promise, to not report it on the half hour with pictures of the victims screaming in pain or screaming in agony over the loss of their loved ones. I could never do that to you because I love you and all my fellow human beings too much. Let’s LOVE LIFE and spread love, not fear… enough said.