May 4, 2014

5/4/14. Tidbits from previous walks:

Two Burlington, New Hampshire police officers stopped me and said someone called and said I looked suspicious and needed to be checked out. They were courteous and allowed me to go my way after checking my Florida driver’s license. I figure, there must have been a rash of robberies in the area by an old white male on foot with a forty pound pack on his back and a large red and white “LOVE LIFE” sign over his head. This has happened before on my walks, so obviously, he has terrorized other states as well. Perhaps they’ve caught him by now. I certainly hope so.

In Florida, a lady pulled up beside me and yelled, “Thank you!” and as she sped off she threw out a full pack of Marlboros and a lighter. Evidently, the message on my sign, “LOVE LIFE”, inspired her to quit smoking, and become a litter bug.

In Pennsylvania, three men, a grandfather, a son, and a grandson, walked out of a very old barn where all three had been working on an old truck, and inquired of my “LOVE LIFE” sign. The grandfather, Harold, was 98 years old. They told of a man who had recently passed by intending to cross America walking backwards. I said I wasn’t sure why he would want to do that because it had already been done. Shaking his head, Harold said, “looked like a damn fool to me, kept having to turn and look over his shoulder to see where he was a going, damn fool.” LOVE LIFE, and pay attention to the words of a 98 year-old.