April 25, 2014

4/25/14. In a motel in Moro, Oregon. Nice break from four days of off and on rain. Pitching or taking down a tent in the rain without getting everything wet can be a real challenge. I asked the lady checking me in at the motel where the closest store was so I could purchase something to eat and she informed me the store closed at 6;00, and it was five after. She told me to wait a minute and then returned with a frozen chicken and pasta entrée to cook in my rooms’ microwave! I offered to pay for it but she wouldn’t hear of it.

A lady named Rachelle stopped Wednesday to tell me how very beautiful she thought my “LOVE LIFE” sign was. She just kept hugging me! She explained to me that both her daughter and son, both in their twenties, suffered from an extremely rare genetic condition, they were both going blind! She said, the three of them had embraced life with a LOVE LIFE attitude and were facing every day with complete joy. She told me that her children were doing all they could to embrace life to the fullest. They had both traveled the world extensively. Rachelle said that Helen Keller was a real role model for them and that they loved to read her description of colors. She tried, but without success, to reach her son on the phone so I could tell him what was over my head, “LOVE LIFE.” Rachelle really was joyful about life despite what had been dealt to her and her precious children. Her joy certainly gave me a boost of energy.