April 14, 2014

4/14/14. Lucked out last night and made it into Crescent, Oregon and a motel room just before dark. Didn’t think I would make the 19 miles from Chemult, as I never left until 11:30. I flat out boogied, for an old man. I’m getting ready to walk across the street to get breakfast and COFFEE! Then I will continue on toward Bend 45 miles north. And, I’m happy!

Life, the most beautiful gift of all! How wonderful are its lessons, taught personally, one on one. Life does not do group therapy. Taught through pain in my heart, through my mistakes, through my failures. I will pay Life back by ignoring guilt, ignoring self-pity, and accepting only the lesson, growing from within toward the complete total love and respect for ALL my fellow human beings, resisting self-righteousness, thus, never blaming, never judging another. LOVE LIFE, it’s wonderful, and… so are YOU!