April 13, 2014

4/13/14. I will leave my room in Chemult, Oregon this morning and continue toward Bend on U.S. 97 north. The newspaper in Bend, Oregon, contacted me and wants to interview me. I am loving life and enjoying the beauty of life. A lady stopped Friday and gave me an eggplant wrap from Trader Joes. It was pretty good. But the real delight was her excitement over my “LOVE LIFE” sign! As she was leaving, a guy stopped to thank me for my walks. He had seen me on The Weather Channel and said he really appreciated my endeavors because he had once been suicidal. I grabbed his arm and told him how very wonderful it was that he was still with us! I said, “Don’t you ever think about that again!” He said, “Never, I love life and am way past that now.” I love hearing those stories. He was a fine young man and most definitely, now has his act together. He gave me his business card and told me to look him up in Bend if I needed anything.

When someone does a wrong to you, something you know you could not do to anyone, this means that person has not yet grown into a place of wisdom and maturity in that area of Life as you. Try to forgive them immediately allowing the incident to leave your mind. When we allow someone else’s wrong actions to control our emotions we are not using that level of wisdom and maturity we have reached. By not succumbing to their level you strengthen yours. The beauty of Life becomes so much more real for us as we learn to be in complete control of our own gift of life. LOVE LIFE.