April 11, 2014

I believe, the complete individual is very rare today, even though all seven billion of us have one hidden inside us, it is rarely discovered. In order to discover and then become, the unique innate individual I am, I first had to pull my head out of society’s ass. This action dis-enabled the herd mentality and all its diversions keeping me from finding my own unique individuality, thus ending my robotic following of ideas created somewhere in time by an individual other than myself.

It seems to me, that today’s society wants to treat everyone’s problems with one size fits all remedies. This is impossible, being as how very unique one from the other we truly are. The discovery of DNA proves that out of seven billion, we are not only each personally and physically different one from the other, we are all genetically different from each other. I believe that because we are all so uniquely different from one another, problems arise when a society wants us to all act the same.

I am an individual not a follower. I follow my own heart, my own thoughts, thoughts directed by my own heart. I call this, having a heart-governed mind. I love my fellow human being with all my heart but I will not follow them.

I do not need to follow anyone, I need only to love them. Love is the greatest power available to the individual human being. When one realizes the power of their own intrinsic and innate individuality, one is then at ease and content with their place in Life and so ends the fear that has kept them from truly loving all their fellow human beings.

I will Love you with all my heart, I will always respect your individuality, and I will never harm you in anyway. And, I will always obey all your manifested laws, but I will never follow you. LOVE LIFE my dear sweet friends and be the beautiful individual you were born to be, not a follower.