April 9, 2014

4/9/14. Will be leaving shortly from a beautiful hotel suite in Klamath Falls, Oregon, courtesy of Shannon and Tracey Struble. They also treated me to a delicious steak dinner. Tracey arranged a pot luck dinner Monday night in Dorris and spoke to some of the kind and generous local folk. The food was excellent! There was a pineapple upside-down cake that was incredibly delicious! I spoke yesterday morning to the Dorris High School students and faculty. Teenagers always ask good questions. Ben Struble took me to Klamath Falls Monday so Mike Hagen of Pine Grove Works could put a new heavy duty zipper in my Kelty Sleeping Bag, replacing the flimsy inadequate one Kelty had used. He worked on it for over an hour but would not charge us.

I’ll be on U.S. Route 97 North all the way through Oregon. It looks pretty remote until Bend, about 115 miles away. So I probably will not have good connections for phone and internet. I will continue on 97 through Oregon to state route 14 in Washington. I will take 14 East to U.S. 12 East in Pasco, WA. I will take 12 East through Idaho and Montana (going thru Missoula and Helena) into North Dakota where I will take U.S. 85 South into South Dakota to U.S. 212 which I will take west for only 16 miles in order to enter Wyoming. I will then backtrack on 212 East across South Dakota and Minnesota to La Crosse, Wisconsin where I will visit with friend, Ron McCarthy. I met Ron in Arizona years ago on Route 66 while he was touring the historic route. I walked by the restaurant he was dining in with my “LOVE LIFE” sign and he invited me in for breakfast. This is a most wonderful thing, this thing called life. We couldn’t do anything without it. LOVE LIFE, be happy!