April 7, 2014

4/7/14. I will be leaving from Dorris, California some time tomorrow on U.S. 97 headed for Klamath Falls, Oregon and will continue all the way through Oregon on 97 to Washington state route 14 to U.S. 12 and Walla Walla, Washington and on into Idaho. This morning, my friend, Ben Struble, is driving me into town, Klamath Falls, Oregon, to get my nearly new, Kelty sleeping bag repaired. The zipper broke, making the mummy type bag nearly useless. By tomorrow, I should receive my new Leki Trekking Poles from Leki. Thank you Steve Case for contacting them and suggesting the gift! Tonight at 6:30, I will speak at a potluck dinner in Dorris orchestrated by my dear friend, Tracey Struble . I will certainly miss this fine family, the Struble’s.

A common statement to me about my “LOVE LIFE” sign is, “I love life, but Bob, Ted, and Alice don’t.” In my mind, if we really Love Life, we do not have time to judge one we think does not. We are way too busy loving Life and our fellow human being, thus, being a LOVE LIFE beacon for Bob, Ted, and Alice. The more we focus on our own LOVE LIFE attitude the more others see it and perhaps will seek the same. I cannot change Bob, Ted, and Alice; I can only change me, a full time job indeed. I just have to Love my Life, mind my own business, and leave Bob, Ted and Alice the hell alone. LOVE LIFE!