April 5, 2014

4/5/14. I am with the most wonderful family, the Struble family, on their ranch near Dorris, California, close to the Oregon border. I am having a blast! Yesterday, I went with Ben to feed the cattle and to run six of his Walker and Bloodhound mix hunting dogs. I love the sound of baying hound dogs! Downright musical sounding! Last night, I went with Ben & Missy to a bar & grill over on the Oregon side, to celebrate Missy’s birthday. I met Ben & Missy there in the spring of 2009 on my “Shelly Walk” from corner to corner of the U.S.

LOVE LIFE my friends and find the beauty of being alive by rejecting useless negative thoughts. It takes practice to fight off the “what ifs?” that like to attack us first thing in the mornings. Just remember what was there first when you woke up… breathing!! Our gift of life enabling us to enjoy the beauty of life is much more powerful than negative thoughts. We just have to learn to always realize that first. Remember, if I can push on and LOVE LIFE, most others should be able to. Please help me make my walks mean something, and pay close attention to that beautiful sign over my head and LOVE your LIFE!