March 29, 2014

3/29/14. I am still in a motel room at Burney, California, waiting for the rain to stop. I wouldn’t mind the rain so much if it wasn’t for the temps dropping into the twenties at night and freezing my wet tent solid. Hopefully I can leave tomorrow.

A few years back, as a guest of a friend in Maine, I offered to mow his grass while he was at work. He told me that would be nice but be sure and not cut the dandelions. After he left I went directly to get the mower. As I looked up from starting the mower, I realized I was actually looking at his yard for the very first time, and I couldn’t believe it. The whole yard was covered with dandelions! There was one little patch where even the grass barely grew, so I mowed only that. That evening, my friend thanked me for a fine job mowing his yard. Just who the hell am I to judge a weed from a flower? Now I see a most beautiful golden flower delicately painted upon a background of green.

“The scenery, when it is truly seen, reacts on the life of the seer, how to live, how to get the most of life, how to extract its honey from the flower of the world. Nature spontaneously keeps us well. Do not resist her!” ~ Thoreau

I am seeing more and more just how easy it is to follow a herd mentality and miss the beauty of life. I am learning more and more to follow absolutely nothing other than my own heart. My ultimate goal in life, is a heart governed mind. The heart contains the most powerful force available to us as an individual human being, love. LOVE LIFE, and your power will grow and be felt. It changes the world.