March 27, 2014

3/27/14. Recently I was asked by a young lady how I handled all the solitude. I told how much I enjoyed my solitude and mentioned it as a great way to discover my personal faults. She said, “Well, we all have faults. Why should I be concerned about mine when no one else wants to look at theirs?” I agreed that we all have them, but added, that they are called faults for a reason. This didn’t faze her. So I continued, “There is this thing here in California called the San Andreas Fault. If that thing ever opens up many people will be harmed. If you had the power to correct that fault in the earth, would you not do so?” She said, “Of course I would.” I said, “Well, I discovered faults within me which have the ability to hurt others, so I try to change them.”

We mustn’t be afraid to look within for our own faults. This procedure is what makes us much more understanding of and receptive to others we think we see faults in. We are much less likely to judge others for faults after seeing the same or maybe even worse, in ourselves. Looking for and finding our faults certainly becomes easier when we realize that most our faults are in reality, assets for our personal walk through life. Yes, assets we were born with which have been wrongly molded and shaped into a use other than they were intended. Redesigned by us to fit our particular environment. This is why our faults are so difficult for us to recognize as such, we see them as just part of who we are. These faults must be recognized as assets to more easily be converted back into their original good purpose and to be seen by others as good. So, in reality, instead of finding faults, we are but remodeling our person back to its original design. The original design can then be used as it was meant, as a tool of love toward all others. Love is the lubricant which will make the world turn much smoother. We cannot love purely and cannot expect others to love us purely, without first correcting/converting our own personal faults within. I believe, the world is in chaos because of so many wanting others to change without first changing themselves. We cannot change others, we can only change ourselves. I cannot walk around suggesting others “LOVE LIFE” unless I love life with all my being. We would wisely reject one who tried to teach us electricity without first being a duly trained and accomplished electrician.