March 26, 2014

3/26/14. I was recently asked by a small town newspaper reporter if I ever have a bad day. I told her my bad days seldom last more than two or three minutes before they get to the common sense reminder tattooed in my brain, “Negatives NEVER accomplish anything and are a total waste of time! DO NOT go any further with this negative thinking because anyone with an ounce of wisdom knows that only positive things move us forward in life.”

The reporter said, “You know, there are some who suffer from a chemical imbalance or mental disorder and just cannot get out of their depression. What message do you have for them?” I said this, “My message doesn’t change, I have the same suggestion to all, “LOVE LIFE.” Bless their precious hearts, they want desperately to love their life and know that they should, but just cannot. Those special individuals need help beyond my simple suggestion to “LOVE LIFE” and I’m not qualified to provide it. What I can do though, is keep reminding all to LOVE LIFE, knowing that the more people who sincerely love their life and emanate a joy for life, the better environment for those who cannot get out of their depression. Those precious people need to be around positivity not negativity. And one who truly loves their life, loves their fellow human being and thus will have more love and understanding for those unable to.” LOVE LIFE it’s the wise choice.