March 24, 2014

3/24/13. YES, Yesterday marked one year ago that I started my walk from Vero Beach, Florida! What a year of meeting some of Life’s most beautiful people and learning from them! I’m in a little cabin at Rancheria RV Park in Hat Creek, California. I have had no phone service since Friday morning and this is the first time I’ve been able to go online. I am restricted to 2 hours. It is beautiful here as I travel CA 89 West toward Burney. I will still have very limited and sporadic phone and internet connections for a few more days. Last Thursday at Westwood I received a message too late, inviting me to speak at a town gathering for a meal and possible free lodging. But, had I attended, I would have missed a very elderly lady, Miss Frances, owner of the town’s only motel, look at me like I was nuts when I had to repeat twice, “Do you have WI-FI?” And all three times, along with the bewildered look, she said “What?” After explaining, she said, “What do you need that for, the TV has several channels, that will keep you busy.” There was no remote and I didn’t dare go ask for one for fear of being chewed out for being lazy. Being alive with the absolute honor of meeting other individuals is a joy to behold! Grab onto every moment and appreciate your gift of life to the very fullest! The beauty of life is only available to us if we look for it. It is everywhere to behold when we but open up the eyes of our hearts. My goal in life is to have a heart governed mind. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE LIFE!!!!