March 20, 2014

3/20/14. In a warm room at Quail Lodge in Canyon Dam, California. It got real cold in that tent night before last! Very thankful for the occasional hunting & fishing lodges up here near Lake Almanor. I’ll be leaving shortly, via a different route than 89. I’ll take California 147 north to Westwood where I’ll take 36 east a couple miles to A21 to route 44 which I’ll take back to route 89.

A LOVE LIFE attitude is so much more than just saying, “I love life.” It’s recognizing what a true gift it is to be breathing. It is the ability to appreciate being alive so much that we are able to let our precious gift of life make what we once considered something to worry about seem not so important. Making ourselves love our life no matter what, teaches us that the positive attitude is always the right choice. Others, then see us always being positive, not only want to be around us, but may even want to be like us. We mustn’t waste time telling others how they should be when we can show them instead. Most humans I’ve encountered in life, want to see things for themselves. If I want to learn about electricity I will want to be around a trained electrician. LOVE LIFE and be a role model.