March 15, 2014

I’m getting ready to leave my room at Graeagle, California, my new friend, Crystal Clark, got for me, and head north on CA route 89 toward Quincy. I changed my mind about switching over to U.S. 395 because the temperature range is really not much different. And I’ve done that stretch of 395 and it is boring! It is very desolate as well. Here in the Sierra’s, it is much more beautiful and there are a few more scattered little towns. To help avoid a surprise snow fall, I will take CA route 147 at Canyondam to CA 36 to A-21 to CA 44 back to 89, thus bypassing 10,457 foot Lassen Pass. This part of Northern California has always been my favorite part of the beautiful state. I LOVE LIFE because I can! Because it is there! I believe the greatest thing I’ve learned from all my years of much solitude, is to identify when I’m entertaining negative thoughts and then hit them with that pure old common sense, that negatives NEVER accomplish anything good and are completely useless. LOVE LIFE my friends.