March 13, 2014

3/13/14. 19 degrees last night here at Sierraville, California but it did not bother me because I’m snug and warm inside a beautiful log cabin paid for by my dear friend Gary W. Neel. He grilled us some great steaks which we washed down with IPA’s. I will probably leave Sierraville today continuing on CA route 89 toward Quincy instead of getting on U.S. 395. My internet and phone connections are very limited here in the beautiful Sierra’s so y’all may not hear from me for a day or so. And, it gets real cold in that tent and so I sometimes crawl in that sleeping bag as soon as possible without even checking if I have service! Remember, my home state is Florida. Force yourself to have a LOVE LIFE attitude today no matter what is facing you. We have a choice, we can take the positive LOVE LIFE route today or we can accept the doom and gloom negative attitude of worry, bitching and moaning. And even an idiot should have figured out pretty early in life, negatives accomplish absolutely nothing!!!! I love my friends and my future friends.