February 28, 2014

2/28/14. It’s all good folks! The most important tool we have for facing what is in front of us daily is the acceptance of our Life as it unfolds before us and to LOVE it for exactly what it is, a gift! You are breathing, and that means all things are possible. Nothing is possible if your butt ain’t a breathin’! Relax in that fact, sit back, and just plain old enjoy the act of breathing. Me, I’ve fallen in Love with the act of breathing. We all see Life differently, that’s the beauty of individuality. The more we Love our gift of Life the more we Love our own Life. The more we love our own Life, the more we appreciate our own Life. The more we Love and appreciate our own Life, the more we Love and appreciate the life of all the others sharing this world. And THAT is the beauty of Life. It’s easy to just Love family and friends, but let us go beyond that and Love all of Life. LOVE LIFE my dear sweet friends. It is simply marvelous to be happy with my existence and participating in the beauty of life! I believe, if I am able to LOVE LIFE, certainly, it is a possibility for others. I love you.