February 24, 2014

2/24/14. I arrived in Auburn, California and I’m now at the home of my friends, Rocky and Barbara Ballas. I will probably be here until Sunday morning. Rocky and I spent the entire day yesterday completely rebuilding my cart. We replaced the aluminum frame with steel, reinforced the tow bars with steel and rebuilt the wheels. It’s about 5 pounds heavier but I no longer have to worry about it breaking down. Barbara’s sons, Corey and Kyle Greenberg, took us all out for dinner last night at Joe Caribe’ Bistro & Café in Auburn. The food was awesome. I am thoroughly enjoying resting, getting to visit with friends, and having opportunity to get ready for tackling the 27 states I have left to enter.

We had great conversation last night. We spoke a lot of LOVE LIFE… of course. One reason, Corey, was wearing his black long sleeve LOVE LIFE shirt. First time I had seen one other than in a photo. Really great looking! He said he really enjoyed wearing it because he felt he was not only constantly reminding himself to maintain a LOVE LIFE attitude, he also felt a sense of joy in reminding others about the most precious gift they will ever receive. Please have a most wonderful day and LOVE LIFE, making sure the light of love is shining from your precious heart. Love being the ONLY power strong enough to break down the walls and barriers we have built in society today separating us from one another.