February 14, 2014

2/14/14. What a great Valentine’s Day I’m having! Went into a c-store this morning in Oakdale, California and as I was paying for my Mountain Dew, the clerk said very cheerfully, “And how are you this fine morning?” And matching her mood, I replied, “I am doing superb, magnificent, wonderful, marvelous and just peachy ma’am!” She immediately said, “Boy, your Valentine must’ve been really nice to you this morning!” Me and the two customers behind me burst into laughter. “Actually,” I said, I don’t have one of those. But, I do have a couple thousand beautiful hearts spread out around the country that send me a lot of love.” I handed them cards and briefly described my walk. Outside the store, I received a phone call from Thai Dang, the Vietnamese gentleman I met last Sunday who insisted on giving me money for a room. He told me that He and his wife, Diamond, had booked me a room in Oakdale! I just couldn’t believe it! In a very heavy accent he said, “Sometime, when love life, life love back. This you time. I tell motel lady you story and to treat you good. It Valentine Day, you tell people to love, you need love, me and Diamond, we give you love.”

I checked my Fb for messages before strapping my harness back on and a precious friend back home in Vero Beach was telling me she just deposited a hundred in my account! At my really nice room, the head housekeeper, Altair Miranda, brought me a coupon for a free complete breakfast at the restaurant next store, compliments of the motel management he said. He also brought me rolls of plastic bags and some other things. He was totally fascinated with my walks. I treated myself to an awesome prime rib dinner courtesy of my Vero friend and as I was waddling back to my room, a guy got out of his car and handed me a box of chocolates! John Reed, from here in Oakdale, said his good friend, Thai Dang called him and asked him to take me some chocolates for Valentine’s Day! We hit it right off and talked long. Happy Valentine’s Day and LOVE LIFE my friends. It really will love you right back.